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Almost “Just Like Being There” at the Reno Air Races

Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races: High-speed thrills for kids of all ages video (2:17 runtime) Reviewed by Tim Kern / Aviation Writer

Veteran photographer/videographer Mark Chiolis brings the viewer as close as possible to the experience of being at the Reno Air Races, the only plane-to-plane competition in the world.

In just over 2¼ hours of video, half of which has voice-over (more on that later), Chiolis talks with class presidents and pilots, setting up what is the basis for understanding a lot of the things that make race airplanes and race flying different from regular airplanes and regular flying. Somewhere the viewer gets the message that the pilots aren’t like “regular” pilots, either.

Pitched to young enthusiasts, the video brings enough interesting new material forward and offers enough insight that every air racing enthusiast – or even the merely curious – has reason to watch.

After the initial 82 minutes of the feature, Chiolis includes stand-alone footage of what things look like during Race Week in September (though most of the footage was taken during the Pylon Racing Seminar, or “Rookie School,” held in June). You get a real feeling for what it’s like to be there – engine starts, takeoffs, landings, and race footage; and most of it really is what a spectator gets to see. Chiolis often stands where spectators stand, hears and conveys what spectators can hear and see, and gets right up close to the airplanes and pilots – exactly why Reno racing (unlike any other elite sport) is spectator-friendly, even spectator-involving.

Each class – tiny Formula racers and Biplanes, to remarkably-“normal-looking” Sport Class racers, to screaming Jets and the roaring T-6 and Unlimiteds – each class has its charm, its own challenges, its own rules and heritage and heroes; and Chiolis talks with the race pilots themselves to convey an idea of what’s what. What is it like to fly a jet racer? How do you get to fly a Corsair? (Answer: just ask!) How fast can a biplane go? The pilots answer these questions, often explaining with their hands, as they run them over the actual airplanes. Fly with a jet jockey and watch the terrain go by, 70 feet below and nearly 90 degrees to your field of view!

The final bonus minutes, more than random shots of close-ups, formation flying, taxiing, even towing – offer an overload of what a week at the Reno Air Races is like. There are shots of all the crowd favorites, of the winners of today and yesteryear: Endeavor, Phantom, Viper, Midnight Express, Miss America, Rare Bear, Voodoo, Dreadnought, Strega, and dozens of others, from every class.

There is the beauty of homebuilt Thunder Mustangs and real Mustangs, Corsairs and Sea Furies, a P-40, a Vampire jet and giant Tiger Cats; of unique designs like Phantom and Endeavor, and severely-modified racers like Outrageous, Rare Bear, and Galloping Ghost. The final 50+ minutes are a treat, even including some exhibition flying by an F/A-18 and a way-hot lap of the course, flown by Space Shuttle astronaut (and Reno racer) Hoot Gibson in a Beechjet Premier – a standard business jet!

In short, Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races is an ultimate “spectator” experience – but without the sunburn, windburn, miles of walking, and the waiting for things to happen that are always part of a huge and exciting event. Whether you buy it to show someone else what Reno is all about, or to remember your ultimate vacation – or even to prepare to go next September, this video is one of those great “reference pieces” that you’ll keep running in the background at home, even after you’ve watched it a dozen times.

A front row seat captures the thrill of flying

Exciting New Children’s Educational Tool Delivers The Sights, Sounds Of The World’s Fastest Motorsport

As air show season begins across the country, thousands of new, curious and existing airplane enthusiasts flock to the tarmac to witness astounding feats of flight and to meet the pilots who dare to master the air. The thrill of flying airplanes comes front and center with all of the air show’s excitement, up close sights and sounds in Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races video—a dynamic, sensory overload all about the races, amazing airplanes and the pilots who share the skies.

A primer for Reno Air Race enthusiasts and kids of all ages who just love the sound and speed of airplanes from a variety of race classes, “Let’s Go…” provides an intimate look at the majesty of great vintage airplanes, the awe of massive radial and Merlin engines roaring to life and up-close and personal runway views of Formula One and Biplane aircraft. In addition to dramatic take offs, taxiing and landings, the video also contains rarely seen and unique views of racers as they roar around and thread racing pylons.

The brainchild of skilled cinematographer, Mark Chiolis, his steady hand provides high-definition, crystal-clear images that make you feel as though you’re right in the middle of all the action. Chiolis’s love of flying is evident in this insider’s look at the Reno Air Races that simultaneously entertains and educates. Chiolis is ably assisted by Walt Lindblom, also a seasoned cinematographer. Together, they put the spotlight on top pilots who provide in depth, on camera interviews about what it’s like to race these planes. There are also fascinating explanations that will prepare kids and families to become knowledgeable participants in the world’s fastest motorsport. Information about airports, aviation, the purpose of a windsock and the meaning of the numbers and letters next to the runway are just a few of the valuable facts shared in this enlightening video.

“People have an avid and sometimes distant fascination with aircraft and air shows,” stated Mark Chiolis, Producer and Cinematographer, Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races video. “I want to provide kids and adults with the opportunity to closely explore aircraft in an entertaining and educational way. I hope it will encourage them to visit an air show throughout the season. Air shows are responsible for launching many a hobbyist and can serve as a stepping stone to a career in the exciting field of aviation.”

Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races is quickly gaining favorable reviews for its ability to transport the viewer into the air races without the environmental elements of sunburn or windburn! Classic Jet Aircraft, Plane & Pilot and are just a few of the industry sources that are heaping praise on this remarkable, entertaining video.

The action-packed Let’s Go to the Reno Air Races is available for streaming or download and features over two hours of footage that includes each of the six racing classes—tiny Formula racers and Biplanes, to remarkable screaming jets and the roaring T-6 and Unlimiteds. Featured images of Thunder Mustangs, Corsairs and Sea Furies, a P-40, Vampire jet and giant Tiger Cats demonstrate the sleek beauty of these aircraft. The video's insightful and entertaining pilot interviews as well as bonus materials will capture the attention of novices and experienced air show spectators alike. It’s a handy reference piece on flying that can be viewed dozens of times—allowing viewers to glean new and fascinating information about the exciting world of aviation each time. Visit for information and purchase details.


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I recently got a copy of a great new movie called Let's Go To The Reno Air Races and it sure is good! If you're a Reno Air Race fan, you have to see it! The movie is aimed at children and has some educational things in it, but I think older viewers will really love it – especially if you've already fallen in love with Reno Air Racing!

Mark Chiolis and Walt Lindblom are the guys who shot it and they sure did a great job! I think all the footage was shot at the 2010 air races and the camera work is awesome!

When I watched Let's Go To The Reno Air Races, it completely captivated me. Two of my friends from school watched it with us and they really got into it. They're not aviation crazy like me but they loved it.

What I liked was that there was lots of awesome planes and angles, but there were also interesting facts and they managed to blend them all in to make a great movie. Although two hours long, it was a great movie from start to finish. There were so many cool planes and even more great camera angles in it.

Besides all the great video it's filled up with, they had wonderful interviews with some of the pilots. The interviews were my favorite parts. There are also fun airport facts spread out in the movie. That made a very interesting addition to the movie.

Here are some short excerpts from the movie:

We loved Let's Go To The Reno Air Races. It had great camera angles, great airplanes and great pilots too! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Reno Air Races, or airplanes in general.